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West of Hyderabad

West of Hyderabad

Hyderabad been voted as the most liveable city for the last five years consecutively, it is also one of the fastest growing metropolitan city in India.

Within Hyderabad, the rapidly growing, most investable and premium locality is known to be the West zone of Hyderabad. It is the hub for many IT clusters, shopping complexes and commercial zones, making it a potential zone for both recreational homes and residential communities.

Our prime motive is to create world class living experiences for people who believe that Serene, Spacious and Secured environment is a need and not just a want. In the age of concrete jungles and fast paced lifestyles, we take pride in fostering holistic, healthy homes amidst nature.


Nirvana - West of Hyderabad

Present Project

Californication - Premium Residential Communities

Coming Soon
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