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About Us

With over a decade of experience in housing infrastructure and construction, we have seen the need to provide comprehensive solutions to people who truly believe in providing their families with an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle.

At LivCorp, we focus on creating living spaces that are Serene, Spacious and Secure. In the age of concrete jungles and fast paced lifestyles, we take pride in fostering holistic, healthy homes amidst nature.

With utmost dedication and integrity, we work to make your dream of owning a world class home, a reality.


We aspire to be the market leader in providing holistic living spaces with proactive, innovative and timely solutions to our clients.

By exhibiting to our customers a wide variety of design ideas, we empower them to plan their own living spaces with greater prudence. Keeping in mind our clients’ evolving needs, we provide comprehensive solutions to help their desires and dreams come to life.


At LivCorp, We Value…

Integrity – Honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company.

Innovation – We aspire to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.

Perseverance – Because tough times never last but tough people do.

People – As respect is how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress.

Customers – We believe in earning our customers loyalty by making their desires and dreams our highest priority.

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