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Bespoke Prefab Spaces

Livcorp Infra , provides wooden buildings for various uses. Whether be it a simple holiday living, or luxurious villas, or practical and individual one-family houses, hotels & resorts, second homes, camping sites, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Prefabricated homes are a modern solution for building premium quality, energy efficient homes in a highly expedited manner. They are simple steel and wood structures that are ready to move in. Due to the flexibility of materials used, customization is made easy.


Delivered complete – ready to use

Low maintenance structure

50+ year economic lifespan

Stylish, Modern, contemporary & innovative design

Sustainable & environmentally friendly build

Removable, Moveable/transportable structures

Fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime

Why choose Bespoke Prefab Spaces ?

Wood does not act as a thermal bridge, but as insulation, therefore keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which makes it a much more sustainable construction house. Savings have been calculated to be between 50% and 60% per year in heating and air conditioning.


80% of the construction is completed inside the factory, which mitigates the risk of weather delays, allowing projects to be completed in half the time consumed in traditional construction.


Being durable, secure and relocatable makes them ideal for both temporary and permanent applications that will meet the requirements of any industry.


The fully controlled fabrication process inside the factory generates less waste, creates fewer site disturbances and follows eco friendly environment.


Because construction of modular buildings can occur simultaneously with the site and foundation work, projects are cost-effective than traditional construction.


LivCorp integrates best practices in design and workflow. They meet the same building codes as traditional construction codes.

Reduces Risk

The indoor construction environment reduces the risks of accidents and related liabilities for workers.

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