Glimpse of NIRVANA

Our Current Project

How we work


Considering customers necessities, defining overall spatial requirements, carrying out surveys and quantifying the budget.

Design Process

By the end of the detailed design process, the design should be dimensionally correct and co-ordinated, describing all the main components of the building and how they fit together.


As per our design plan, we prepare layouts, execute the construction at this stage.


Where DREAM meets reality.


about our company

At LivCorp, we focus on creating living spaces that are Serene, Spacious and Secure. In the age of concrete jungles and fast paced lifestyles, we take pride in fostering holistic, healthy homes amidst nature.

With utmost dedication and integrity, we work to make your dream of owning a world class home, a reality.


Nirvana - West of Hyderabad

Having a vacation home just 30 mins away from the heart of the city has become a new norm. An escape space with amenities that makes you believe in the world of ecstasy.

Invest today, generate passive income and enjoy your NIRVANA.

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